Walnut Hardwood Floors

You really just cannot go wrong when you choose hardwood floors for your home. Wood floors add style and elegance that will fit with virtually any decor from modern to traditional. There are a number of different types of woods and finishes to choose from with walnut hardwood flooring being one of the most stunningly beautiful yet practical. While oak and maple flooring are more popular, walnut flooring is a favorite among those looking for a more distinctive look.

American Black Walnut

American black walnut is one of the most popular woods chosen for flooring. The trees are abundant across the Eastern United States and grow in areas from Texas to the Carolinas. The wood is known for its wavy grain patterns that will add character to any room. The color of the wood will vary from a deep brown to a purplish black. Darker floors make rooms more inviting and intimate looking so walnut floors are a good choice for rooms in which you entertain guests.

Choosing Walnut Hardwood Floors

Walnut is a good choice for flooring because of its durability. It is heavy and dense and will provide excellent shock absorption from people walking across your floor. The wood is also very easy to work with which is a great aid during installation. It is easily sanded and can be buffed to a beautiful finish. Often times, walnut is used for the inlays around a parquet floor.

Walnut hardwood flooring will look great if you leave it unfinished or choose to stain it. Most installers will recommend that you only apply varnish to the wood because it has a beautiful natural color; this is one of the biggest advantages to choosing walnut. Several coats of polyurethane applied to the surface will bring out the beauty of the grain and provide a protective covering that will hold up well for years.

The one disadvantage of walnut is that the wood is a little softer than oak and may not be appropriate for areas that get very heavy traffic. It will hold up well for most uses though if properly maintained. The beauty of hardwood is that you can keep it looking good with just a dust mop. If it requires a deeper cleaning follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The best way to protect your hardwood floor is to place walk off mats and area rugs at spots where people will enter and exit the room.