Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hardwood floors are a favorite of many homeowners, and with good reason, but they are not appropriate for all areas of your home. Rooms where moisture is prevalent like kitchens, bathrooms or basements are often inappropriate for hardwoods. Cost can be an issue with hardwood flooring as well. Between the cost of the materials and installation if you do not have the required tools and skills to do it yourself, installing hardwood floors can be a very expensive proposition. Vinyl plank flooring on the other hand is suitable for any area in your home as it is entirely waterproof and can stand up to the sort of abuse that would damage other types of flooring. Vinyl floors do not warp, suffer water damage, stain or scratch easily, or harbor mold and mildew. This durability makes vinyl plank flooring suitable for high traffic commercial applications as well as play rooms, bathrooms, laundry areas, home gyms, basements, mud rooms or kitchens. For residential applications, some manufacturers include a warranty as long as 25 years. Once the floor is down, it is hard to tell it apart from real wood floors, but it is softer and quieter underfoot than a hardwood floor. Vinyl plank flooring is priced to fit the budget of just about any homeowner and installation can be completed quickly even if you have never completed any home improvement projects yourself.

Buying Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is easy to find and as it is available at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. You can also buy it online at sites like Amazon or Many different types are available and you can find vinyl flooring that looks like wood in styles that simulate all the popular hardwood flooring materials like bamboo, walnut, oak, maple and more. There is also the single board style where each plank is meant to replicate a single hardwood plank and the multiple board style where each plank looks like two or more narrow boards. The planks come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer and the design, but you will commonly see cartons containing 4x36, 6x36 and 6x48 planks. A carton may cover 16 square feet, 30 square, more, or less depending on the size and number of planks per box. While new hardwood flooring can easily cost thousands when all is said and done with paying for the materials and installation, vinyl plank flooring is available at a fraction of the cost of hardwoods. You can find vinyl plank flooring from under one dollar to two dollars per square foot. Popular vinyl flooring manufacturers include Armstrong, Nafco, Konecto, and Trafficmaster Allure.

Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl plank flooring for homeowners is how easy it is to install. Even if you have no experience or are not a seasoned do it yourselfer, there is no need to hire anyone or fear installing your new vinyl floor on your own. You can install vinyl plank flooring yourself in just a few hours. The only tools you need are a straight edge and a sharp utility knife. You can install it as soon as you get it home. Nowadays, the better vinyl plank flooring is put together rather like a puzzle with the planks being glued to each other rather than glued down tile by tile to the subfloor. Save any extra planks in case you need to replace damaged planks in the future.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring - An Affordable and Practical Alternative to Hardwood Floors

How to Maintain Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is very durable and low maintenance, but like any floor you cannot neglect it if you want it to look its best and last as long as possible. Sweep daily or as needed and wet mop once a week give or take depending on foot traffic. Since vinyl is completely waterproof, you do not have to worry about over wetting or seepage. You will often see vinyl plank flooring described as no wax flooring, which means you should not wax and buff your floors. Do so could dull the shine or worse damage the tiles. Vinyl flooring is subject to fading when exposed to sunlight over time. If you are installing your vinyl flooring in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, consider using floor coverings near windows, using blinds or closing your curtains during peak sun times. If your flooring suffers any type of damage, you can replace the damaged plank with one of your extras by heating it with a hair dryer until you can pull it up with a putty knife. Scrape off any leftover adhesive and put your replacement plank into position.

Choosing Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you are looking to stretch your home improvement budget or need new flooring in a room susceptible to moisture, vinyl plank flooring could be exactly what you are looking for. Vinyl flooring simulates the look of wood or other materials very well and the price is very affordable. The cost alone makes it hard to pass up, but the durability plus the ease of installation and maintenance will likely have you strongly considering vinyl plank flooring.