Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed wood flooring has become a favorite decorating option of many homeowners. It not only looks good but wears very well and complements any interior design. The styles and finishes available are more varied than ever before and you are sure to find a style or design incorporating distressed flooring which will work for you.

Types of Distressed Hardwood Floors

Homeowners going for a vintage or cottage look are gravitating toward distressed wood flooring. Manufacturers purposely give these wood planks an aged, antique look that will add much character to any room. There are several different types of distressed flooring now available for sale. Hand scraped, time worn, wire brushed and rough sawn are among the most popular.

Hand scraped hardwood flooring has become very popular in recent years because of its unique appearance. No two wood panels will look alike because of the random patterns used to prepare them for sale. They come in a variety of hardwood types and can be stained in several different colors.

Time worn hardwood flooring is often recovered from a location that is being torn down or renovated and then resold to give a vintage look to a different property. The distress hardwood floors of this type have been put through is from actual use. These floors gain their unique appearance from years of traffic, as people walk on the wood the softer grains are worn away leaving a distinct pattern. Sometimes these time worn hardwoods are also sold under the name foot worn floors.

Wire brushed hardwood flooring is another way to create a very unique pattern for your floor. As the name suggests, the boards are scraped with a wire brush to alter the appearance of the surface. Wire brushed flooring comes in a variety of colors but by far the most popular right now is the zebra look, featuring a bold black and white pattern. It is being used in a number of trendy urban locations.

Rough sawn distressed wood flooring is also very popular. For years it was used in mountain cabins and retreats but more and more it is being incorporated into urban design as well. Pine wood is used for rough sawn flooring because of the large knots in pine which add to that rustic look.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring

It is easy to see why distressed wood flooring is a popular choice among designers and homeowners. Adding a distressed hardwood floor to a room in your home can make that room feel like a separate destination. Installing distressed flooring throughout a house adds a unique character that can be casual and inviting.