Buying Discount Wood Flooring

If solid hardwood floor prices are causing you to think twice about installing a new wood floor you are not alone. Most homeowners love the look of hardwood floors, but the high cost of buying and installing hardwood flooring can be prohibitive. If you have your heart set on solid hardwood flooring, it is possible, however, to find discount wood flooring. Finding deep discounts on wood floors requires patience and spending some effort shopping around.

Alternatives to Solid Hardwood Flooring

Many folks adjust their expectations downward a little bit and go with cheap laminate flooring, which is really not a bad idea if you are shopping based on price alone. Many laminate floors are durable and look just like the real thing. Engineered wood floors are another more affordable and easy to install option. Engineered flooring consists of multiple layers of wood adhered together forming a sandwich of sorts with the top layer made from the wood of your choice. Virtually every solid hardwood species used in flooring has an engineered equivalent and you can even find engineered floors made from sought after and exotic hardwoods such as bamboo and Brazilian cherry.

Finding Discount Wood Flooring

If the alternatives to solid wood flooring just will not do, but you do not quite have the budget, making the effort to find discount hardwood floors makes perfect sense. Many building supply companies and home improvement stores offer end of the year closeouts and great deals on overstock. In order to find such deals, you may have to do a lot of calling around and running from place to place locally. Lumber Liquidators, the largest retailer of hardwood flooring in the US, is also worth checking out. Their prices are often some of the lowest around and they sometimes have clearance deals available. With locations in 46 states you may be able to find a Lumber Liquidators location near you. You can also have a look at wholesaler websites like Build Direct. You do not need to be a contractor or building professional to buy from Build Direct. As long as you buy in quantities that meet their minimum order requirements, Build Direct will sell to you at manufacturer direct prices.

There is no reason to fear that the flooring you buy at a discount is of an inferior quality. You are not buying factory seconds unless they are marked as such. Prices on first quality flooring get reduced for a variety of reasons and the more competition in your area the better.

The love affair between homeowners and hardwood floors is highly likely to continue for many years to come. Wood floors are sturdy, beautiful and can last a lifetime with just a minimum level of maintenance required. Prices do fluctuate and there is often quite a bit of variance in cost from store to store so do not hesitate to do some comparison shopping. Money saving discount wood flooring is available as long as you stick to your budget, do not buy impulsively and are willing to seek out the bargains.