Buying Hardwood Flooring

There are a number of things to think about before you start your new flooring project. Installing a new floor in one of your rooms or throughout your entire house can be costly and time consuming so it is critical that you consider your options and plan. If you are thinking about installing hardwood floors in your home, but you are not sure where to start this article should point you in the right direction.

Setting a budget for your project is the first thing you should do. If you only wish to spend a couple of dollars a square foot, you may not be able to afford the more exotic hardwood floors such as bamboo. If your budget does not allow for buying your ideal or dream hardwood floor, you can still get a great looking new floor if you select more affordable options such as laminates or engineered wood floors. Even if money is not an issue for you, you would still be wise to set a budget and do some comparison shopping as there is no point in spending more than you have to in order to get the materials and the look you want. Keeping your hardwood floor installation cost within your budget is entirely possible with a moderate amount of effort.

Once you have determined your budget, stick to it. Prices can vary a great deal from store to store. Closeouts, year end offers, overstock sales, and the amount of local competition can all contribute to getting a bargain. Also check prices online as you may be able to find discount wood flooring on the Internet or some Web only specials. Discounters who do a large chunk of their business online quite possibly have less overhead and can pass those savings on to you. If you do buy online, be sure to account for shipping charges and work out how you are going to take delivery before you commit.

Another consideration is the rooms or areas in which you are going to be installing hardwood floors. Potential high traffic areas such as halls, entry ways and kitchens may merit a different type of floor. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, may not be good candidates for hardwood floors due to the possibility of damage from spills, water and humidity. A laminate or engineered floor may be better for such areas. You might choose a different style of flooring for your low traffic bedroom than you would for your living room where you require a harder more durable surface to support heavy furniture and more foot traffic from family or guests.

Floor color is something you will want to spend a lot of time thinking about as well. Rich, darker colored choices such as walnut hardwood flooring create a warm and cozy environment that can be very inviting. You can use a lighter colored flooring if you prefer a light filled or country style room. You may want your floor to be striking and a conversation piece in and of itself or you might want your new floor to simply compliment your existing decor. You might decide to match up your floor with the color or style of your current furniture or you may want to give your room a whole new look. For a number of reasons, color is something you will likely spend a lot of time on before you finalize your plans.

Despite all the things that come up and all the things you need to take into consideration before you install hardwood floors, it will be well worth it in the end. Hardwood floors make your rooms look their best and add value to your home. Determining your budget and your needs are good first steps. Choosing the right color and style on a room by room basis is important as well. When you are ready to buy, take your time and do some comparison shopping in order to find the best price. Finding the right floor at the right price for you is very achievable with a little planning.